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Is a music and entertainment production company launched in March 2001. The company’s services include music production - from song writing to publication; marketing, management, career development, booking and show production.  DKG Entertainment identifies and showcases talent and artists in the Washington DC metropolitan area and around the United States.

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My People (Prolific)

   Smug Pit (Prolific)

  Watch Out (NTA)

Ohter Side (NTA)

Sweet Spirit(NTA)

City-Remix (NTA)


Born in Los Angeles California, Steve Adarkwa a.k.a. Prolific has lived in the L.A. area ever since. Raised in one of the huge city’s many suburbs, Northside Pomona, Prolific experimented with the many aspects of the street game. He was faced with making crucial decisions that would either lead him down the path of destruction or carry him up the road of success. Always interested in Hip Hop, Prolific never seriously considered getting involved in the art but was always willing to put his free styling skills to the test. The more he stepped up to the mic, the more praise he received and not long after that is when he began earning his respect as a true lyricist.

“I’d hear other rappers rap and know that I could do what they do, maybe even better”. Later being discovered by Daniel Gyermeh of DKG Entertainment, Daniel noticed his talent and got him some studio time which birthed Prolific’s EP. “I’m blessed because not everyone gets the opportunity. While I’m still here I’m going to make the best of it and let my listeners know that God is real. That’s my sole purpose.” Being the first rapper off of the DKG label, Promising to take advantage of the opportunity he has been given Prolific promises head bopping beats, extraordinary lyrical content and first class hip hop for years to come. It’s Prolific’s turn.



NTA - New Testament Apostles 

              Conviction is what exudes from the voices of these three dynamic women. To hear their silky voices is to be convinced that their singing expression emanates from their personal experiences. The New Testament Apostles (NTA) is an aspiring gospel group that unabashedly displays various renditions of authentic and heartfelt praise and worship through their musical expression. The group’s openness to various contemporary musical styles include Afro-jazz, R&B, and traditional inspirational gospel. 

NTA, headquartered in the Washington Metropolitan area, has  increasingly dedicated following and has performed at numerous churches, educational institutions and jazz outlets, such as H.R. 57 in the heart of D.C. Formed in 1997, NTA has recorded and released an EP entitled “True Believer” and two singles., “Victory” and “Keep Movin’ on” in 2003. 

NTA Consists of Joanna Nuako, Esther Gyermeh, and Nana Adomako, who are three young and innovative women dedicated to the overall success of the group. Their rich melodies and lush lyrics reflects their commitment to and relationship with their Lord and Savior. Their harmonious sound transcends stylistics barriers and weakens the reticence or hardcore gospel listeners. The ultimate goal of the group is to reach and encourage all generations through the ministry of music. The group desires to witness through their music and declare to the world that Jesus loves us.

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